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A keyword ability that can make a creature better in combat. See rule 702.22, "Rampage."

Range of Influence
See Limited Range of Influence.

A keyword ability that allows a creature to block an attacking creature with flying. See rule 702.17, "Reach." See also Flying.

A keyword ability that allows an instant or sorcery spell to be cast a second time. See rule 702.87, "Rebound."

A keyword ability that lets a player return a card from his or her graveyard to his or her hand. See rule 702.58, "Recover."

Redirect (Obsolete)
Some older cards were printed with the term "redirect" to indicate a redirection effect. Such cards have received errata in the Oracle card reference so they explicitly state that damage that would be dealt to one object or player is dealt "instead" to another. See Redirection Effect.

Redirection Effect
A kind of replacement effect that causes damage that would be dealt to one creature, planeswalker, or player to be dealt instead to another creature, planeswalker, or player. See rule 614.9.

Reflexive Triggered Ability
An ability that triggers based on actions taken earlier during a spell or ability’s resolution. See rule 603.12.

To replace a permanent’s destruction with an alternate sequence of events. See rule 701.13, "Regenerate."

A keyword ability that lets a player put +1/+1 counters on a creature. See rule 702.76, "Reinforce."

Reminder Text
Parenthetical text in italics in the text box of a card that summarizes a rule that applies to that card, but is not actually rules text and has no effect on play. See rule 207.2.

Remove from the Game, Removed, Removed-from-the-Game Zone (Obsolete)
"Remove [something] from the game" is an obsolete term for "exile [something].""The removed card" is an obsolete term for "the exiled card." The removed-from-the-game zone is an obsolete term for the exile zone. Cards with that text have received errata in the Oracle card reference. See Exile.

Removed from Combat
Certain events can cause an attacking or blocking creature, or a planeswalker that’s being attacked, to be "removed from combat." A permanent that’s removed from combat has no further involvement in that combat phase. See rule 506.4.

A keyword ability that makes a creature stronger after it deals combat damage to a player. See rule 702.111, "Renown."

A designation given to a permanent as a result of the renown ability. See rule 702.111, "Renown."


Replacement Effect
A kind of continuous effect that watches for a particular event that would happen and completely or partially replaces that event with a different event. See rule 614, "Replacement Effects."

A keyword ability that creates copies of a spell. See rule 702.55, "Replicate."

An effect that forces one or more creatures to attack or block. See rules 508.1d and 509.1c.

When the spell or ability on top of the stack "resolves," its instructions are followed and it has its effect. See rule 608, "Resolving Spells and Abilities."

To cast an instant spell or activate an ability while another spell or ability is already on the stack. See rule 116.7.

Restart the Game
To immediately end the current game and restart it. See rule 104, "Ending the Game."

An effect that precludes one or more creatures from attacking or blocking. See rules 508.1c and 509.1b.

A keyword ability that lets a player cast a card from his or her graveyard. See rule 702.80, "Retrace."

To show a card to all players for a brief time. See rule 701.14, "Reveal."

A keyword ability that may let a player cast extra cards from his or her library for no cost. See rule 702.59, "Ripple."

Rules Text
A characteristic that defines a card’s abilities. See rule 207.1.

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