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( Comprehensive rules )

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A card type. A land is a permanent. See rule 305, "Lands."

Land Type
A subtype that’s correlated to the land card type. See rule 305, "Lands." See rule 205.3i for the list of land types.

A generic term for a group of keyword abilities that restrict whether a creature may be blocked. See rule 702.14, "Landwalk."

Last Known Information
Information about an object that’s no longer in the zone it’s expected to be in, or information about a player that’s no longer in the game. This information captures that object’s last existence in that zone or that player’s last existence in the game. See rules 112.7a, 608.2b, 608.2g, and 800.4h.

A system used to determine in which order continuous effects are applied. See rule 613, "Interaction of Continuous Effects." See also Dependency, Timestamp Order.

Leaves the Battlefield
A permanent "leaves the battlefield" when it’s moved from the battlefield to another zone, or (if it’s phased in) when it leaves the game because its owner leaves the game. See rules 603.6c and 603.10.

Legal Text
Information printed directly below the text box that has no effect on game play. See rule 212, "Information Below the Text Box."

Legend (Obsolete)
An obsolete creature type. Cards printed with this subtype have been given errata in the Oracle card reference so they have the legendary supertype instead. See Legendary.

Legend Rule
A state-based action that causes a player who controls two or more legendary permanents with the same name to put all but one into their owners’ graveyards. See rule 704.5j.

A supertype that’s normally relevant on permanents. See rule 205.4, "Supertypes." See also Legend Rule.

Lethal Damage
An amount of damage greater than or equal to a creature’s toughness. See rules 119.6, 510.1, and 704.5g.

Level Symbol
A symbol that represents a keyword ability indicating abilities, power, and toughness a leveler card may have. See rule 107.8 and rule 710, "Leveler Cards."

Level Up
A keyword ability that can put level counters on a creature. See rule 702.86, "Level Up."

Leveler Cards
Cards with striated text boxes and three power/toughness boxes. See rule 710, "Leveler Cards."

1. A zone. A player’s library is where that player draws cards from.
2. All the cards in a player’s library.
See rule 401, "Library."

Life Modifier
A characteristic that only vanguards have. See rule 211, "Life Modifier."

Life, Life Total
Each player has an amount of "life," represented by that player’s "life total." Life may be gained or lost. See rule 118, "Life."

A keyword ability that causes a player to gain life. See rule 702.15, "Lifelink."

A way of playing in which each player gets a quantity of unopened Magic product and creates his or her own deck on the spot. See rule 100.2.

Limited Range of Influence
An optional rule used in some multiplayer games that limits what a player can affect. See rule 801, "Limited Range of Influence Option."

Linked Abilities
Two abilities printed on the same object such that one of them causes actions to be taken or objects to be affected and the other one directly refers to those actions or objects. See rule 607, "Linked Abilities."

Living Weapon
A keyword ability that createsa creature token and then attaches the Equipment with the ability to that token. See rule 702.91, "Living Weapon."

Local Enchantment (Obsolete)
An obsolete term for an Aura. Cards printed with this text have received errata in the Oracle card reference.

A set of actions that could be repeated indefinitely. See rule 719, "Taking Shortcuts."

Lose the Game
There are several ways to lose the game. See rule 104, "Ending the Game," rule 810.8 (for additional rules for Two-Headed Giant games), rule 809.5 (for additional rules for Emperor games), and rule 903.10(for an additional rule for Commander games).

1. Part of a card that only planeswalkers have. A planeswalker card’s loyalty is printed in its lower right corner. See rule 209, "Loyalty."
2. A characteristic that only planeswalkers have. See rule 306.5.

Loyalty Ability
An activated ability with a loyalty symbol in its cost. See rule 606, "Loyalty Abilities."

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