Полные правила Magic: the Gathering
( Comprehensive rules )

Базовые правила Contents Glossary

9.  Casual Variants

905.  Conspiracy Draft

905.1  The Conspiracy Draft variant consists of a draft(a style of limited play where players choose cards from sealed booster packs to build their decks) followed by a multiplayer game. The Conspiracy Draft variant uses Magic: The Gathering—Conspiracy™ booster packs by default.

905.1a  A draft typically consists of three draft rounds. In each draft round, each player opens a booster pack, draftsone card by placing that card in a face-down pile in front of the player, then passes the remaining cards to the next player. Each player then drafts a card from the booster pack passed to him or her and passes the remaining cards. This procedure continues until all cards in that draft round have been drafted.

905.1bIn the first and third draft rounds, booster packs are passed to each player’s left. In the second draft round, booster packs are passed to each player’s right.

905.1c  During the draft, a player can look only at cards in the booster pack he or she is currently drafting from, cards he or she has already drafted, cards that are currently revealed as described in rule 905.2b, and cards that have been drafted face up as described in rule 905.2c. A player may not reveal drafted cards to other players unless an ability instructs him or her to.

905.1d  After the draft and all actions that may be taken during or after the draft, all the cards a player has drafted become that player’s card pool. The player builds his or her deck from only these cards and any number of basic land cards. See rules 100.2b and 100.4b.

905.2  Several cards in the Magic: The Gathering—Conspiracyset have abilities that function during the draft.

905.2a  During a draft, there is no active player or system of priority. If multiple players wish to take an action at the same time during the draft and can’t agree on an order, those actions are taken in a random order.

905.2b  Some cards instruct players to reveal them as they’re drafted and then note some information, such as a number or color. This information can be referred to by other abilities during the game. Any player can look at this information at any time during the draft or game. After the information is noted, the drafted card is turned face down and added to the player’s drafted cards pile.

905.2c  Some cards instruct players to draft them face up. Each such card remains face up until the draft is complete, an effect instructs the person who drafted it to turn it face down, or the card leaves that player’s drafted cards pile. While the card is face up, all players may look at it.

905.3  A Conspiracy Draft game is a multiplayer game. The default multiplayer setup is the Free-for-All variant with the attack multiple players option and without the limited range of influence option. See rule 806, "Free-for-All Variant."

905.4  At the start of the game, before decks are shuffled, each player may put any number of conspiracy cards from his or her sideboard into the command zone.

905.4a  Conspiracy cards with hidden agenda are put into the command zone face down. Any time a player has priority, he or she may turn a face-down conspiracy card he or she controls face up. See rule 702.105, "Hidden Agenda."

905.5  The owner of a conspiracy card is the player who put it into the command zone at the start of the game. The controller of a conspiracy card is its owner.

905.6  Once the starting player has been determined, each player sets his or her life total to 20 and draws a hand of seven cards.

       9.  Casual Variants
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