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3.  Card Types

301.  Artifacts

301.1  A player who has priority may cast an artifact card from his or her hand during a main phase of his or her turn when the stack is empty. Casting an artifact as a spell uses the stack. (See rule 601, "Casting Spells.")

301.2  When an artifact spell resolves, its controller puts it onto the battlefield under his or her control.

301.3  Artifact subtypes are always a single word and are listed after a long dash: "Artifact Equipment." Artifact subtypes are also called artifact types. Artifacts may have multiple subtypes. See rule 205.3g for the complete list of artifact types.

301.4  Artifacts have no characteristics specific to their card type. Most artifacts have no colored mana symbols in their mana costs, and are therefore colorless. However, there is no correlation between being colorless and being an artifact: artifacts may be colored, and colorless objects may be card types other than artifact.

301.5  Some artifacts have the subtype "Equipment." An Equipment can be attached to a creature. It cant legally be attached to an object that isnt a creature.

301.5a  The creature an Equipment is attached to is called the "equipped creature." The Equipment is attached to, or "equips," that creature.

301.5b  An Equipment is cast and enters the battlefield just like any other artifact. An Equipment doesnt enter the battlefield attached to a creature. The equip keyword ability attaches the Equipment to a creature you control (see rule 702.6, "Equip"). Control of the creature matters only when the equip ability is activated and when it resolves. Spells and other abilities may also attach an Equipment to a creature. If an effect attempts to attach an Equipment to an object that cant be equipped by it, the Equipment doesnt move.

301.5c  An Equipment thats also a creature cant equip a creature. An Equipment that loses the subtype "Equipment" cant equip a creature. An Equipment cant equip itself. An Equipment that equips an illegal or nonexistent permanent becomes unattached from that permanent but remains on the battlefield. (This is a state-based action. See rule 704.)An Equipment cant equip more than one creature. If a spell or ability would cause an Equipment to equip more than one creature, the Equipments controller chooses which creature it equips.

301.5d  An Equipments controller is separate from the equipped creatures controller; the two need not be the same. Changing control of the creature doesnt change control of the Equipment, and vice versa. Only the Equipments controller can activate its abilities. However, if the Equipment grants an ability to the equipped creature (with "gains" or "has"), the equipped creatures controller is the only one who can activate that ability.

301.5e  An ability of a permanent that refers to the "equipped creature" refers to whatever creature that permanent is attached to, even if the permanent with the ability isnt an Equipment.

301.6  Some artifacts have the subtype "Fortification." A Fortification can be attached to a land. It cant legally be attached to an object that isnt a land. Fortifications analog to the equip keyword ability is the fortify keyword ability. Rules 301.5ae apply to Fortifications in relation to lands just as they apply to Equipment in relation to creatures, with one clarification relating to rule 301.5c: a Fortification thats also a creature (not a land) cant fortify a land. (See rule 702.66, "Fortify.")

301.7  Some artifacts have the subtype "Vehicle." Vehicles have a crew ability, which allows them to become artifact creatures. See rule 702.121, "Crew."

301.7a  Each Vehicle has a printed power and toughness, but it has these characteristics only if its also a creature. See rule 208.3.

301.7b  If a Vehicle becomes a creature, it immediately has its printed power and toughness. Other effects, including the effect that makes it a creature, may modify these values or set them to different values.

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